Lightning Bot

The Lightning Bot was sent with Tenaya 7, to attack the Rangers at the beach.  However, he did not battle the Rangers.  Instead, after Tenaya 7 had placed a Mind Control Device on the back of Dillon's neck, the Lightning Bot zapped Dillon.  This activated the chip, and it downloaded an acceleration upgrade into the viral hardware all ready growing inside Ranger Series Black.  The Venjix Hardware inside him started taking over his biological being at a rate 50 times greater than it was before.

The Ranger realized that the only way to return the internal virus back to its original pace, was to get the circuit board from the Lightning Bot and used it to reverse the virus.  

On Scott's orders, the shields were lowered.  The Lightning Bot was sent back into Corinth to attack the citizens.  The Blue, Yellow & Green Rangers soon showed up and started battling the bot & Grinders.  The Green Ranger tried to fight the Lightning Bot, but soon realized he didn't know what area of the bot not to attack, so as not to damage the circuit board.

Soon Scott & Dillon arrived to help out.  The two Morphed and took the Lightning Bot on with their Wheel Blasters.  With their blasters they managed to take the bot down.  But Venjix revived the Lightning Bot and made him giant size.  The Rangers formed the Zenith Megazord and were able to destroy the Lighting Bot.

The Yellow Ranger was then able to retrieve the needed circuit board.  As every was working on the circuit board, Dillon lost control again as the virus started to take hold.  Scott, Summer & Ziggy tried to stop him while Flynn tried to break the code of the Venjix Chip.  But he could not decrypt it without the base code, the original code that was used to create the Venjix Virus.

Just as Dillon was about to blast everyone, he returned to normal.  Doctor K explained that she entered the base code, allowing Dillon to return to normal.  She told them that she knew the base code because she wrote it.  Everything they & the world has been through, is all her fault.

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