Dyna Bot

Dyna Bot was went to Omega City to ambush the Rangers and destroy them.  When he arrived, he first had the Grinders attack the Rangers, and then he battled them himself.  He proved much to powerful for the Rangers, and was about to use one of his explosives to finish them off.  But before he could, the Gold & Silver Rangers came to the rescue.

The new Rangers battled Dyna Bot and managed to beat him, forcing him to retreat.  But before the five Rangers left in Project Go-Onger, Dyna Bot managed to place an explosive charge on the back of the vehicle.  Once the Rangers were out in the Wastelands, the device went off, causing the transport to go out of control.  The Rangers were forced to abandon the vehicle, before it went careening over a cliff.

There waiting for the Rangers were Dyna Bot, General Shifter and Venjix.  The evil master Venjix used part of the Venjix Virus to bound the Rangers, making them helpless.  Luckily the Gold & Silver Rangers arrived again, blasting the evil bots with their Zords.

After taking out another group of Grinders, the Gold & Silver Rangers attacked Venjix himself, forcing him to retreat.  With the Dyna Bot let to fend off the new Rangers, he sent in more Grinders to attack them.  Gold & Silver quickly took the Grinders out with the Cloud Hatchets, and then used their Jet Mode Attack to weaken the Dyna Bot.  Finally, the two heroes used their Sky Shift Blazers to blast and destroy the bot.

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