General Shifter is one of Venjix's two loyal commanding Generals.  He is methodical and wants to help his master claim victory over the Earth.  After Venjix decided that both General Crunch & General Shifter had become obsolete, they were blasted & destroyed.  

After sometime though, both generals were rebuilt and given their positions back in Venjix' evil machine order.

Later Shifter created a Generation 16 Hyper Bot that was going to be used as the new body for Venjix.  However, Tenaya 7 had tampered with it, so that it would malfunction.  So when Shifter activated the bot to show its power, it attacked Venjix.  Shifter was then banished to the Wastelands by Venjix.

Shifter took his Hyper Bot with him and planned to not only destroy the Rangers, but Venjix as well.  He managed to give the Rangers a tough battle with his Hyper Bot, and even got control of the PaleoMax Megazord for a short time.  He battled the Red Ranger and managed to implant a control key in him, without the Ranger realizing it.  However, the Hyper Bot was still destroyed by the Ranger's RPM Ultrazord.

After his bot was destroyed, Shifter took the key had had used to upgrade the Hyper Bot and connected it to himself.  This caused Shifter to become more powerful.  With Shifter still lurking, he's a threat to both the Rangers and Venjix.

Shifter later activated his controller, giving him complete control over Scott's body.  When Shifter arrived in the city, the other Rangers battled him, but were soon forced to prepare their blasters.  But before they could fire, the Red Ranger came in, with his body being controlled by Shifter, and pointed his blaster at the Rangers.  It seemed like the Rangers would have to choose between their friend or protecting the dome, but then Shifter was attacked by Tenaya 15.

During the attack, the controller for the control key was broken, and so the key itself was ejected from Scott.  Shifter then made himself grow huge.  The Rangers used the RPM Ultrazord to beat him, but was not yet destroyed.  The Red Ranger battled Shifter on the ground and used his Street Saber to destroy Shifter for good.

However, the Venjix army recovered the remains of Shifter's body.  Kilobyte was ordered to use them to build a new Venjix Body, and he did  so.

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