Road Attack Zord

Owners:  RPM Rangers
Powers:  Fighting
Components:  Engine Cell
Weapons:  Speed & Agility

Created by Flynn, this Road Attack Zord was finished thanks to the combined team work of Gemma & Flynn.  Though Dr. K wasn't willing to trust Flynn's new invention, when the chips were down, there was no choice.  The Road Attack Zord was sent into battle, and while successful, it was too powerful and had to shut down.  

Luckily with it's excess power transferred into the other Zords, the Rangers were able to reactivate the Road Attack Zord, with a new Engine Cell.  With the new Road Attack Zord in it's Warrior Mode & Tire More, the Rangers were able to defeat the Hammer Bot.

To activate the Road Attack Zord, the Rangers first insert the Engine Cell Key into the side compartment of the small tire, and then throw it out.  The Zord then enlarges to full Zord Size and morphs to its Warrior Mode.  In Warrior Mode, the Road Attack Zord can fight along side the Ranger's Megazords, and it is very agile.  

Finally, to help destroy any Attack Bots, the Road Attack Zord converts back to wheel mode and places itself in a launching ramp.  The Rangers charge the Zord up with energy blasts from their Megazord, and then launch the Road Attack Zord.  The tire goes spinning off towards the bot and as it speeds by it, blasts it with all the power stored inside it, thus destroy the Attack Bot.

After an upgrade from Gemma, the Road Attack Zord can also be used by the Rangers in normal battles.  By placing a Ranger's Engine Cell into the Zord, the Road Attack Zord comes to life in normal Ranger size, and can fight alongside the other Rangers.  Plus, to finish a bot off, the Rangers can use the Road Attack Zord's Burnout Attack.

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