Zenith Megazord

Owners:  RPM Rangers
Powers:  Strength, Blast & Blade
Components:  Eagle Racer, Lion Hauler, Bear Crawler, Tail Spinner, Wolf Cruiser & Crocodile Carrier Zords
Weapons:  Blaster & Blade

In order for the Rangers to be able to combine all six of their Zords, the team first needed another Remote Flux Overthruster Reactor.  However, since another could not be built, nor found, they were at a lose.  Luckily Doctor K managed to trick Tenaya 7 into using the offline Reflects Attack Bot's Powers to create a duplicate Reactor.  With the second reactor in place, the Zenith Megazord was a go.

When the Eagle, Lion, Bear, Shark, Wolf & Crocodile Zords combine, the Zenith Megazord is formed.  This Megazord is a massive tower of power. The Rangers control the Megazord in one group cockpit.

The Zenith Megazord has the Wolf's Blasting Power & the Shark's Blade Power it is disposal, as well as the Megazord's speed.  To use the Megazord's finishing attack, the Rangers morph their steering wheels into the Handle Blaster, and then load the blaster with the Blaster Chip.  The chip then allows the Mach Speed Megazord to fire out a powerful blast from all six Zords. 

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