Mach Megazord

Owners:  RPM Gold & Silver Rangers
Powers:  Flight
Components:  Falcon, Tiger Jet & Whale Zords
Weapons:  Bow & Arrow

When the Saw Bot Generation 16 was attacking the city, the Rangers would have been useless in their Megazords, since the bot all ready knew all the powers & attacks of those Megazords.  So, with the new Whale Zord in hand, Dr. K activated a new Megazord formation for the Gold & Silver Rangers to pilot.  Thus the Mach Megazord was born.

This Megazord is formed by combining the Whale, Falcon & Tiger Jet Zords.  It is able to stay in flight for all it's battle time, and can dish out a barrage of powerful laser blasts.  To destroy any Attack Bot, the Megazord can use it's Energy Power Bow attack.

Mach Megazord with Shark Tail Spinner Power

Owners:  RPM Green & Gold Rangers
Powers:  Flight & Blade
Components:  Shark Tail Spinner, Tiger Jet & Whale Zords
Weapons:  Blasts

This special combo was used to fight Kilobyte.  The Green Ranger's Zord took the place of the Falcon Zord and gave the Mach some extra fire power.

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