RPM Ultrazord

Owners:  RPM Rangers
Powers:  Blast, Kick, Combined
Components:  All 12 RPM Zords
Weapons:  Road Attack Zord

During the fight with the Hyper Bot, Dr. K discovered that all 12 Zords should be able to combine.  When the Rangers tried this, is was successful.  All twelve of the Rangers Zords are capable of combining into one gigantic RPM Ultrazord.

When the Ultrazord is formed, all the Ranger's Zord power is united.  This formation towers over most any Attack Bot and can take anything evil can dish out.  It can charge up the Road Attack Zord & uses it's Burn Out Attack.  But to finish bots off, the RPM Ultrazord unleashes a powerful blast.  It first projects the attacks of the four main Megazords, and then the Ultrazord itself attacks the bot in a fiery punch attack.

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