"Ranger Yellow Part I"

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In the city, an new Attack Bot, Grinders & Tenaya 7 have made their way in.  Tenaya is able to keep the Command Tower from learning of this. At the tower, some kids from Corinth Schools are getting to ask the Rangers & Doctor K some questions.
When one child asks Summer if she's always been so nice, we flash back to before the Venjix Invasion.  We learn that Summer was once a rich, spoiled, bratty snob. Summer's rich & soul-less friends show up for her surprise party, that she is throwing for herself.
Summer is brought back to reality when Doctor K alerts the Rangers to the threat of the newest Attack Bot. The guys arrive on the scene & take the Grinders out.  They then Morph and get ready to take on the Boom Bot.
Before the Rangers can attack, the Boom Bot uses his Sonic Bombardment Cannons on them. Luckily the Yellow Ranger shows up and starts battling the bot.
Yellow uses her Energy Blast to weaken Boom Bot. The Rangers then use both of their cannons to take down the robot.
The battle then gets big and the Rangers go to the High Octane Megazord. But it takes the added power of the Black Ranger's Zord to destroy the Boom Bot.
The guys and Dr. K arrived back at the base to find two stuck-up snobs.  They think the Rangers are the hired help. Having had enough of their upper crust attitudes, Scott & Dillon are about to throw these idiots out on their bums, where they belong.
Unfortunately, before we can see the rich jerks get what they deserve, Summer arrives.  We learn that these fools are Summer's parents. We flash back again to see that Summer's parents have always been self centered fools, not even caring enough to show up for their own daughter's birthday party.  Instead they send their family Landsdown Diamond. 
But Summer doesn't have much time to feel sorry, as the Venjix Attack forces her & her friends to flee the mansion. Back in the present, we see the Tenaya 7 was able to stay in the city & break into one of Corinth's vaults.  She steals the Landsdown Diamond so that Venjix can use it in his Camera Attack Bot.
At the base, Summer's parents continue to show what complete imbeciles they are.  They want Summer to quit being a Power Ranger, as they see it as a low class game of pretend, and rejoin them. Summer has the doors shut on her arrogant parents, so she can rejoin the others.  The team discovers that the Boom Bot was implanted with a self destruct switch.  So it turns out the Boom Bot was only a decoy to keep the team busy.
When the team learns of Tenaya 7's location, they race out to stop her.  But before Summer can leave, her idiot parents get in the way, again.  Summer tells them she can take care of herself, but the fools don't believe her. We again flash back to the Venjix Attack.  Summer & her friends find a military vehicle and begin to board it to get to safety.  But the vehicle fills up before Summer can get in, so her "friends" just push her out and leave her behind.  (Saw that one coming)
So Summer was left to fend for herself against the invading Venjix army. Back to the present, Summer is able to get past the jerks and race off to join her teammates.
The guys arrive and begin battling Tenaya 7. But even the four men aren't a match for Tenaya.
Summer shows up, morphs into action and starts fighting Tenaya 7. The Yellow Ranger is able to beat Tenaya 7, forcing her to retreat without the Landsdown Diamond.
Back at the base, Dillon has had enough of Summer's self-center, egotistical, snobbish, idiotic, foolish parents.  He doesn't care if Summer promised them that she'd go back with them or go to school or whatever. But we learn that what Summer promised was a bit bigger then either of those.  She promised she'd get married.

Linear Ranger's Thoughts

LOVE IT.  I absolutely loved every bit of this episode.  Where do I start?  Okay, the kids asking the Rangers & Doctor K questions was brilliant & very funny.  All the battle scenes were excellently done, especially the fight between Tenaya 7 & the Yellow Ranger.  Speaking of Tenaya 7, it was good to finally see her again, as was seeing her use her detachable hand.  I really enjoy the evil plan with the Boom Bot being the decoy.  Good to see that Dr. K still has no tact at all.  Summer's history was completely unexpected, and I like it.  I did find it kind of strange that a rich brat kid would be riding a motorbike.  Usually I'd expect them to stick to riding prim horses.  Perfect writing by Jackie Marchand to get me to completely despise Summer's Parents.  I loved how Scott & Dillon were ready to throw them out on their bums.  I just wish we could have seen that and had them land in a giant puddle of mud.  And gee, all of Summer's old friends were the kind that just want to be around you when you can give them something, but when you need help, they leave you.  Gee, I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt & the scars.  Again, I loved this episode and I can not wait to see Part II next week.

Linear's Rating:

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