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The show starts with our heroes getting ready to head out & fight the latest Venjix Attack Bot, but... when everyone stops and is frozen, Ziggy explains how today we get a look behind the scenes of how Power Rangers the series, is done.
Let's get started So were now on set outside.  Ziggy explains the scene and how the Rangers are to come rushing in their their vehicles.  Flynn comes in and begins explaining the stunts with the vehicles. 
We're shown how the driving stunts are done & flimed, and how they are very dangerous. Next up are Dillon & Summer to show & tell us how the Ranger stunts are done.
We get to see some footage of the hardworking show crew as they rig the Rangers up to the wires, and then pull them up and lower them down, via pulleys and a crane. Ziggy is able to pry Dr. K away from her work, thanks to a box of marshmallows, to have her explain the computer effects done on the show.
So Dr. K shows up how the post production crew uses computers to change and edit footage, so that everything looks the way it should on the show. Next we have Scott come in and begin explain how all the fight scenes are done.
Then we are shown Scott & Tenaya 7 practicing for their fight scene.  Remember kids, all the fights you see on Power Rangers are not real fights, they are very carefully & extensively choreographed moments. Moving on to Gem & Gemma who's favorite part of the show is, of course, the explosions!
So we see the twins being informed by the director of where the explosion behind them will be, and how they are to react. After not morphing, Ziggy introduces us to a montage of bloopers from RPM.
One funny outtake being the tough as nails Colonel Truman having a bit of trouble with the doors. So after a long day of filming, our heroes get ready to watch everything that was done.
Dr. K joins them, wearing her pajamas since Ziggy told her it was a pajama party, but later everyone decided against that idea, and no one told Doc K. So as the video plays, we see our heroes fight the Grinders,
Battle Tenaya 7, Morph,
Battle the Attack Bot & destroy him with the RPM Enforcer.  With the video over, the alarm sounds and everyone starts to rush off.  But Ziggy tells the audience that he thinks Dr. K is going to make him the next Red Ranger.  Scott comes along to assure everyone that that isn't going to happen.

Linear Ranger's Thoughts

Great episode, I love behind the scenes shows.  This makes the third time in Power Rangers history that we have been taken behind the scenes for a normal half hour program (the other two being for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie & Power Rangers Operation Overdrive).  It was okay to have the actors & actresses stay in character during the episode.  Awesome to see the hard working men and women behind the camera, that never get enough credit, finally get some small amount of screen time.  Not much else to say other than it was a great enjoyable show.  

But let me say this, I want to thank the actors & actresses for doing this episode, as well as the great Judd Lynn for writing it and making it happen, and every single man & woman that worked behind the scenes of Power Rangers, not just for RPM, but anyone who has ever worked behind the scenes of the show.  Thank you to each and every one of you.  You are the ones that deserve a ton of credit and have helped make Power Rangers what it is.  Thanks.

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