"If Venjix Won"

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When no one else want to go do something with Ziggy, Dr. K says she'll go with him. Ziggy wonders why Dr. K offered to go outside with him, but before she can answer, they're attacked by Kilobyte & the Grinders.  After a short battle, Ranger Green teleports them away.
They end up in a cave & Ziggy de-morphs.  Now they have no way of getting out, since Dr. K can't repower Ziggy's morpher.  The others try to login to Dr. K's computer to repower the morpher, but find it locked with password security. 
After a couple of failed attempts at the password, a Time Capsule Video Log begins. The log shows how Venix took over and how the Rangers were assembled.
Back in the cave, Dr. K informs Ziggy that they are running out of Oxygen. The Time Capsule Log continues showing how the Megazords function. . .
the various bodies Venjix has gone through. . . and how he has created Hybrids like Dillon & Tenaya.
With time running out, Dr. K tells Ziggy the reason why sent went outside with him is because it is her birthday and she wanted to go outside. The Rangers only have one attempt left at a password, but if they're wrong, all the computer files will be deleted.
With their air supply almost out, Ziggy puts on a shadow puppet show as a birthday present to Dr. K, just to make her smile.  Summer then realizes that all this time that Dr. K has been cold & distant to Ziggy, she's been hiding her true feelings of love for him.  Summer then enters the password "Ziggy", without anyone seeing, and it works.
Gem and Gemma are able to repower Ziggy's morpher, and they soon arrive back in the lab. When everyone wants to know what the password was, Summer covers for Dr. K and says that it was Mr. Marshmellow.

Linear Ranger's Thoughts

For a clip show I really enjoyed this episode.  I liked all the Ziggy & Dr. K moments.  I would have liked it had Dillion, Ziggy, Gem & Gemma be given the same backstory/flashback treatment that Scott, Summer & Flynn got.  The Megazord part of the Time Capsule actually felt like I was watching some DVD extra.  It's good that Dr. K's feelings are starting to be addressed now.  Not bad for a clip show overall.

Linear's Rating:

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