"Danger and Destiny Part I"

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The Rangers have to fall back so they aren't forced to fight the activated hybrids.  Dillon is struggling to fight the virus control, and Venjix comes on jumbo screens to inform all of Corinth that he is now in charge. Ziggy rushes back to the base to protect Dr. K, leaving the others to fight off the Attack Bot.  Meanwhile the pain is becoming too much for Dillon.
Dr. K barricades herself in the lab while she rushes to finish the antidote for Dillon, but Venjix & his forces soon arrive.  The evil forces break through and we have the confrontation of Venjix and his creator.
Ziggy arrives to the rescue, but takes a major hit.  He and Dr. K are then captured and taken away. Venjix scans all the Ranger data from Dr. K's computers, and then begins laying waste to the lab.
As Venjix finishes his destruction, Dillon arrives, but he's too weak to fight.  He passes out and Venjix just steps on him as he leaves. But Dillon is able to make his way to the table with the antidote.  He injects himself with the formula and it works, the virus is no longer in control of Dillon.  The Black Ranger takes another vile of antidote with him and leaves the base.
The Attack Bot grows, forcing the Rangers to battle him with the High Octane, Mach & PaleoMax Megazords.  After a rough battle, they finally destroy the bot. Ranger Red jumps down to the ground and begins fighting Venjix with his Street Saber.
By accessing the Bio Fields, Venjix blasts and deletes the PaleoMax. As Venjix fires at the High Octane, Gold & Silver push it out of the way and take the blast themselves in the Mach Megazord.
In the Command Tower, Kilobyte begins plotting his own attack on Tenaya 15.  Because Gem & Gemma were morphed and connected to the Bio Field when Venjix's blast hit them, they are deleted as well.
Dillon finds where Ziggy & Dr. K have been taken to.  He contacts the others and they inform he that Gem & Gemma are gone.  He tells them that if they don't hurry, Ziggy & Dr. K will be next. After they are loaded into a transport, Ziggy uses his old criminal skills to pick the locks off their shackles and free himself and Dr. K.
Kilobyte shows up and begins fighting Tenaya to destroy her. When the Black Ranger arrives to save Tenaya 15, she ends up trying to use him as a shield to protect only herself.
Luckily Ziggy & Dr. K create a distraction, allowing Ziggy to throw the antidote that Black Ranger dropped back to him.  The Black Ranger gets free of Tenaya 15, and then injects her with the antidote. As Kilobyte tries to blast both the Black Ranger & Tenaya, the Black Ranger uses his shield to protect them.  But the blast is too much and the Black Ranger is de-morphed and down for the count.
The other Rangers arrive and blast Kilobyte with the Road Blaster, destroying the evil general. Everyone rushes to Dillon, who is passed out, as Tenaya wakes up, no longer under Venjix control.
Back at the base, Dr. K informs Tenaya that Dillon's Venjix Parts locked due to the blast.  It will take some time, but he will wake up eventually. The Rangers yell and argue with one another as they try to decide how to beat Venjix.  Then Dr. K informs them that as long as Venjix can access the bio fields, they can't risk Morphing or they'll be deleted like Gem & Gemma.
Running out of options, Dr. K states that to beat a virus, you have to use another virus, but they'll need someone to gain access to Venjix's computers. The Rangers need Tenaya to implant the virus, but she doesn't want to leave Dillon.  Flynn lays it out for her and tells her that if she really wants to help Dillon, she'll do this for them.

Linear Ranger's Thoughts

BOOYAH!  That how you start a finale!  Awesome from beginning to the "to be continued".  Great performances from everyone.  I really like the explaination on how Gem & Gemma were deleted since they were connected to the Bio Field.  The battle with the Red Ranger and Venjix was great.  The Ziggy & Dr. K story is working perfectly.  No complaints here.

Linear's Rating:

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