"Danger and Destiny Part II"

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Dr. K begins installing the virus into Tenaya's memory drive and explaining to her what it is she is to do when she get inside the Command Tower. Scott receives a military code call for help from his dad, informing them of where Colonel Truman and the others are.
Scott, Flynn & Summer leave to save the Colonel and the others.  Tenaya goes to install the virus and Ziggy is ordered to stay behind and guard Dr. K.  The Rangers enter the factory and begin fighting off the Grinders.  Meanwhile Tenaya make her way into the Control Tower.
Scott saves his dad and they then work on saving the others. The Grinders retreat as Venjix himself arrives to fight the Rangers.
Tenaya uploads the virus, giving Dr. K access to Venjix's files.  She start going through them to find what she's looking for.  Meanwhile Grinders break into the garage and Ziggy has to fight them off. Just as Dr. K gives our heroes the okay to Morph, Venjix blasts them.
But the Rangers aren't out yet.  They Morphed just in time and start fighting the Grinders & Venjix again. Meanwhile Ziggy Morphs to battle the Grinders in the Garage.
When Venjix tries to delete Red, Blue & Yellow, Dr. K's virus activates and instead all the Grinders are deleted, including those in the garage. Realizing his computers have been hacked, Venjix attacks the Control Tower.
Dillon wakes up and learns of his sisters trouble.  He then rushes off to save her.  The others are giving all they've got against Venjix.
Crunch breaks into the control room and starts fighting Tenaya. While the others continue to fight, Ziggy helps Dr. K in her attempt to get Gem & Gemma back.
Red, Blue & Yellow hit Venjix all together at once. Venjix is weakened, but still standing.  He blasts the Rangers, sending their helmets off.
As hope is running out, the Rangers and Venjix hear the sound or two certain aerial vehicles. Gem & Gemma are back!  They blast the connecting beams holding up the Control Tower.
The tower is about to fall, with Tenaya still inside with Crunch. As the tower falls, Dillon arrives and rescues Tenaya.  He puts on the emergency parachute and they jump from the falling tower.
Scott, Flynn and Summer jump out of the way as the tower comes crashing down on Venjix, destroying him. Gem & Gemma reunite with Scott, Flynn and Summer.
Dillon & Tenaya are fine as well, just enjoying the view as they glide back down to the ground. The city forces begin leaving the dome, since the oxygen levels begin returning to normal.  Colonel Truman then offers Scott the position of Eagle Squad Commander.
Dr. K finishes checking Tenaya and tells her that for now, the Venjix implants will continue to allow her to see. As Summer, Dillon & Tenaya get ready to leave, Flynn tells them that he and his father are setting up a shop since they're in charge of building the new computer networks for Corinth.
Scott, Gem and Gemma come in and Scott informs everyone that Gem & Gemma are the newest Eagle Squad recruits. With the Rangers no longer needed, Dr. K has everyone turn in their Morphers.
Then Doctor K & Ziggy tell everyone that they're opening up a school for children.  Dr. K will teach them about the Bio Field Physics and Ziggy will teach them Shadow Puppets and Cooking.  And yes, Dr. K finally does call Ziggy by his name. Everyone says their goodbyes to Dillon, Summer and Tenaya.  They don't know where they're going, but they know that the outside world need to be rebuilt, and they want to help.
Dr. K goes to return the Pocket Watch to Dillon & Tenaya, since they left it in her lab.  But the brother and sister tell her to keep it. As everyone watches Dillon, Summer & Tenaya leave in Dillon's car, Ziggy puts his arm around Dr. K, and she doesn't remove it.  In fact, Dr. K even smiles.
Out in the wastelands, Dillon and company find the flower he found and watered when he was trying to find Corinth in the beginning.  Dillon waters the flower. But that's not all.  Over a ridge they find that mother nature has started rebuilding herself.  Yes, the world is again at peace with Venjix finally destroyed.
Or is he? As Dr. K goes to lock the Morpher case, we see that the red light on Scott's Morpher is lit up, with the same eerie glow as Venjix's Red Light.
Dr. K, not noticing, locks the case and goes to put the Morphers away. THE END

Linear Ranger's Thoughts

YES!  This was everything I could want in a finale.  Another action packed adventure from beginning to end.  I loved how everyone had their exact role to play in this and they all did it perfectly.  The battles were great and I never would have thought they'd use the Control Tower to destroy Venjix.  The new paths for everyone were great and I loved seeing Dr. K and Ziggy both smiling at the end.  And so we end knowing the Venjix is not gone, but either trapped in Scott's Morpher or in the Bio Field itself.  Either way, and awesome ending for not only RPM but for the Power Rangers.  I'll have my final thoughts & thank yous on RPM, as well as final thoughts on Power Rangers as a whole, online sometime soon.

Linear's Rating:


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