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We are now getting little bits of information on who has been cast to be in Power Rangers RPM.  This News Page will be updated each time a new Actor / Actress has been confirmed to star in Power Rangers RPM.

Eka Darville as 
Scott the Red Ranger

Eka has been confirmed for Power Rangers RPM via a Political Newspaper Article, stating that he's moved to New Zealand to take a role in the show.

While we still don't know the name of the character, thanks to Fury Diamond of EkaDarville.com, we have confirmation that he will be the Red Ranger.

Ari Boyland as 
Flynn the Blue Ranger

We know, thanks to this acting agency page, that Mr. Boyland has been cast in Power Rangers RPM.  And then thanks to Fury Diamond on Rangercrew.com, we now know that Ari will be playing Flynn the Blue Ranger.  

Rose Mclver 
Summer the 
Yellow Ranger

Thanks to the RPM Trailer, we know that Rose Mclver will be playing the role of Summer the Yellow Ranger. 

Milo Cawthorne as 
Ziggy the Green Ranger

Thanks to the RPM Trailer, we know that Milo Cawthorne will be playing the role of Ziggy the Green Ranger. 

Daniel Ewing as 
Dillon the Black Ranger

Thanks to rangersims on Rangerboard, for finding this article, that confirms that Mr. Daniel Ewing has been cast as Dillon for RPM.

FuryDiamond of DanEwing.com has confirmed that Mr. Ewing will be playing the Black Ranger for RPM

Mr. Ewing does describe the character as a badboy  who is, "like Wolverine in X-men combined with Riddick from Pitch Black."

Mike Ginn as 
Gem the Gold Ranger

Thanks to Fury Diamond on Rangercrew.com, and this acting agency site, we now know that Mike Ginn has been cast as Gem the Gold Ranger.

Li Ming Hu as 
Gemma the Silver Ranger

Thanks to Fury Diamond on Rangercrew.com, we  know that Li Ming Hu has been cast as Gemma the Silver Ranger.

Olivia Tennet as Doctor K (Ranger's Mentor)

Thanks to Fury Diamond at Rangercrew.com, we have confirmation that Ms Tennet will be playing the role of Doctor K, the Rangers mentor for RPM.

Adelaide Kane as the Villain Tenaya 7

Thanks to Fury Diamond at Rangercrew.com, we have confirmation that Ms Kane will be playing a villain known as Tenaya 7.

James Gaylyn as Colonel Truman, the Red Ranger's father

Thanks to an acting agency website, & Fury Diamon on Rangercrew.com, we now know that Mr. Gaylyn will be playing the Red Ranger's Father, Colonel Truman.

Charlie McDermott as the Voice of General Crunch

Thanks to his online bio, we know that Mr. McDermott will be voicing the character General Crunch.

Murray Keane as Benny

Thanks to this online acting agency site, we know that Mr. Keane has been cast as the character Benny.

Jason Hoyte as Mr. McAllistair (Guest Role)

Thanks to this agency page, we know that Mr. Hoyte will have a Guest Starring Role as the character Mr. McAllistair.

Heidi Kathy Bradhurt as an Extra

Well Ms Bradhurt's site has been updated, and her role in RPM has been changed.  She won't be playing the Yellow Ranger, but an extra in the show.


I'd like to welcome everyone that has been cast in RPM to the world of Power Rangers.  I hope you enjoy the experience of the season & the fandom too.

As more casting news continues to develop, I will post it here.

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