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Inside this Developing News Story, you'll find many new Morphers, Weapons and Zords that the RPM Rangers will gain access to, deep into the season.  All that you'll find in the rest of the RPM site is what should appear in the early goings of the RPM Season.  So, here you'll get your first sneak peek at the extended arsenal of Power Rangers RPM.

The following information is based off of those of Enjin Sentai Go-onger in Japan.  
These events may differ in Power Rangers RPM.


The Gold & Silver Rangers will join the RPM team later into the season.  Their Zords, Morphers & Weapons are focused on Air Vehicles.  Their Morph Chips are Red & have their Wing Emblem on them.  Their Morphers are based off of control sticks for aircraft, and also serve as the real control sticks for their Zords.  Their Dagger Weapons are based off the design of a Rocket, and have the power to unleash six different attacks.  The Dagger & Morpher can be combined to fire out powerful blasts.


These are the three Zords controlled by the Gold & Silver Rangers.  The Gold Ranger's Zord is that of a Helicopter with the Spirit of a Rooster.  The Silver Ranger's Zord is a Jet with the Spirit of a Tiger.  The third Zord, that both Rangers summon & control, is a Jumbo Jet with the Spirit of a Whale.  By placing the Engine Cell Chips into their Zords, the Zords come to life.


When the Gold & Silver Ranger's combine their main two Zords with the Speed Megazord, this formation is made.  With this mode, the Megazord is able to fire attacks like that of a bow & arrow.

When the three Zords of the Gold & Silver Rangers are brought together, they form this Megazord.  It is capable of flight, as well as bow & arrow attacks.  This is the primary Megazord of the Gold & Silver Rangers.

When the RPM Rangers combine all nine of their Zords together, this massive Megazord formation is the result.  This Megazord has the power of flight, as well as firing out a blast of all nine Zord Spirits to destroy any villain.


Much like Sentinel Knight from Operation Overdrive, RPM will have this Wheel Warrior.  He starts out as a tire that can be held in the Ranger's hand.  Once the Warrior's Engine Cell Chip (or one of the Ranger's Engine Cell Chips) is placed into him, he comes to life as a Warrior Robot, and can fight along side the Rangers.

During a Megazord Battle, the Wheel Warrior can be summoned and fight alongside the Megazords as well.  He also adds a new finishing attack to the Megazord battles, by having the Megazord charge their energies into him in wheel mode, and then fire him at the monster.


These three Zords are the last Zords of the RPM team.  The Red Ranger is able to summon these three Dino Train themed Zords.  The Engine has the spirit of the Mammoth, and the two train cars have the spirits of the T-Rex & Triceratops.  By placing the Engine Cell Chips into their Zords, the Zords come to life.


When the three Dino Train Zords combine together, they form this massive Megazord.  The Mammoth becomes all of the upper body, while the T-Rex & Triceratops become the legs.  It can attack with ice attacks from the Mammoth's trunks, as well as strong slash attacks.

When the Rangers bring all 12 Zords together, they for this HUGE Megazord.  Comprised of all the Ranger's Zords, this Megazord is a tower of power and an unbeatable force.


This weapon, which is based off that of a railroad cross bar, can be used by the Gold Ranger.  By inserting the Engine Cell Chips of the T-Rex & Triceratops, the bar can attack and trap a monster.  Then the Red Ranger can put the Mammoth Engine Cell Chip into his Nitro Blaster, and combine it with the Crossing Bar Weapon, to allow him to send out a powerful & destructive blast.

As more is unveiled in Go-Onger, I'll add it here to the Spoilers Section.

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