RPM Developing News Story


Here you can find an up-to-date listing of RPM Toys that have been released, and will be released. 

The following is a check list of all RPM Toys known thus far.

White Text = Released and widely available.
Green Text = Leaked Release, but not yet widely available
Red Text = Newly released
Purple Text = Not Yet Released

Spring Line Toys
Fall Line Toys
5 Inch Full Throttle Action Figures:
  • Full Throttle Eagle Ranger

  • Full Throttle Lion Ranger

  • Full Throttle Bear Ranger

  • Full Throttle Shark Ranger

  • Full Throttle Wolf Ranger

  • Full Throttle Mammoth Ranger

  • Full Throttle T-Rex Ranger

  • Full Throttle Triceratops Ranger

  • Full Throttle Gold Ranger

  • Full Throttle Silver Ranger

  • Super Legends Ninja Storm Green Super Samurai Ranger

5 Inch Rapid Pursuit Action Figures:
  • Rapid Pursuit Eagle Ranger

  • Rapid Pursuit Lion Ranger

  • Rapid Pursuit Wolf Ranger

5 Inch Guardian Action Figures:

  • Auxiliary Trax Guardian Eagle Guardian
  • Auxiliary Trax Guardian Lion Guardian
  • Auxiliary Trax Guardian Shark Guardian
  • Auxiliary Trax Guardian Wolf Guardian
  • Auxiliary Trax Guardian Mammoth Guardian
  • Auxiliary Trax Guardian T-Rex Guardian

5 Inch Megazords:

  • Retrofire High Octane Megazord
  • Retrofire ValveMax Megazord
  • Retrofire Mighty Morphin Megazord
  • Retrofire Wild Force Megazord
  • Retrofire Thundersaurus Megazord
  • Retrofire Titan Megazord

6.5 Inch Moto Morph Action Figures:

  • Moto Morph Eagle Ranger
  • Moto Morph Lion Ranger
  • Moto Morph Shark Ranger
  • Moto Morph Wolf Ranger
  • Moto Morph Mammoth Ranger

7.5 Inch Extreme Action Figures:

  • Extreme RPM Red Eagle Ranger
  • Extreme RPM Black Wolf Ranger
  • Extreme Mighty Morphin Green Ranger

Racing Performance Cycles:

  • Racing Performance Eagle Cycle

  • Racing Performance Lion Cycle

  • Racing Performance Shark Cycle

  • Racing Performance Wolf Cycle

  • Racing Performance Mammoth Cycle

  • Racing Performance T-Rex Cycle

Turbo Octane Zord Racers:

  • Red Eagle Racer
  • Blue Lion Racer
  • Green Shark Racer
  • Black Wolf Racer

Formula Transporters:

  • Eagle Transporter
  • Wolf Transporter

Transform Beast Zords:

  • Toyota Camry Engine King Eagle Zord
  • Toyota Prius Chrome Prowler Tiger Zord
  • Toyota Tundra Engine Storm Elephant


  • Cell Shift Morpher
  • Rev Morpher


  • Nitro Blaster

Micro Megazords

  • High Octane Megazord
  • Velocimax Megazord
  • Torque Megazord

Deluxe Formula Megazords

  • High Octane Megazord

  • ValveMax Megazord

  • Mach Megazord

5 Inch Throttle Max Action Figures:
  • Throttle Max Ranger Red

  • Throttle Max Ranger Blue

  • Throttle Max Ranger Green

  • Throttle Max Ranger Black

  • Throttle Max Ranger Gold

  • Evil Grinder

  • Super Legends Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger

  • Super Legends Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger

5 Inch Guardian Figures:

  • Ranger Red Guardian 

  • Ranger Blue Guardian 

  • Ranger Green Guardian
  • Ranger Black Guardian 
  • Ranger Gold Guardian

5 Inch Megazords:

  • Retrofire Mach Megazord
  • Retrofire PaleoMax Megazord
  • Retrofire Time Force Megazord Mode Red

6.5 Inch Moto Morph Action Figures:

  • Moto Morph Road Attack Zord
  • Moto Morph Ranger Red
  • Moto Morph Ranger Blue
  • Moto Morph Ranger Black
  • Moto Morph Ranger Gold
  • Moto Morph Ranger T-Rex

Racing Performance Cycles:

  • Ranger Red Cycle
  • Ranger Blue Cycle
  • Ranger Black Cycle
  • Ranger Gold Cycle
  • Ranger Triceratops Cycle

Turbo Octane Zord Racers:

  • Red Eagle Racer
  • Blue Lion Racer
  • Green Shark Racer
  • Black Wolf Racer
  • Gold Racer
  • Silver Racer

Formula Transporters:

  • Series Gold Air Transporter
  • Series Red Air Transporter
  • Series Red Transporter
  • Series Black Transporter


  • Auxiliary Trax Command Center


  • Sky Morpher
  • Cloud Hatchet Morpher


  • Sky Shift Blazer

Micro Megazords

  • Mach Micro Megazord
  • PaleoMax Micro Megazord
  • Engine Shogun Micro Megazord

Deluxe Formula Megazords:

  • Paleomax Megazord
  • Engine Shogun Megazord

More Toys to Be Announced. . . 



November 30, 2008 -- Toys Arriving at Wal-Mart Stores First

Now that we are into about our second week of the RPM toys being released, it safe to say that if you are looking for the toys, check your local Wal-Mart stores.  It appears that Wal-Mart is the main retailer to be getting all the RPM toys first.  This hold especially true with the 5 Inch Full Throttle Power Ranger Figures.

November 24, 2008 --- Linear Ranger Posts Toy Reviews

Yes, thanks to successful toy hunt on the 23rd, I managed to find some Power Rangers RPM toys.  You can view the Toy Reviews in the Toy Reviews section of the Merchandise Page.

November 19, 2008 -- RPM TOYS ARE OFFICIALLY OUT!

Very special thanks to shakivan88 at Rangerboard for posting these pictures of the RPM Toys he found at his Wal-Mart in California, and allowing me to post them here.  Click on a picture to view the full size version. 

Okay, now there's a lot to cover, so let's get to all the important notes from these pictures & facts:

So yes, you can now being your RPM toy hunt, knowing that stores should be getting their RPM toys in soon.  I've all ready started calling all my local retailers.

November 15, 2008 -- Another eBay Auction & a new find

The eBay seller shakivan108, in Garden Grove, California, has posted another RPM Full Throttle Ranger Auction.  This time it is the Full Throttle Wolf Ranger.

Also, a DantheMan on Rangerboard has stated that while shopping at a store called "BJ's" he found the Moto-Morphing Figures.  There haven't been any other sightings or pictures of these, but there's no reason not to believe him.

So, the time may finally be arriving for the official RPM Toy Hunt to begin.

November 9, 2008 -- Few More Toys via EntertainmentEarth

Thanks to EntertainmentEarth.com, we have a few more toys listed in some of the categories above.  The points of key interest are as follows:

November 7, 2008 -- Toywiz Listings & Dallas, Texas eBay Auction

Okay, first off as you can tell from the table above, the Spring RPM toy listings has increased greatly.  This is because Toywiz.com has added their Power Rangers RPM listings, though none of the toys are in stock yet.  Keep in mind that the names of the toys could change, or the names of the Morphers, Weapons, Zords etc. . . on the show may not exactly match those of the toys.

Moving on, the eBay seller robin6081 posted this Full Throttle Bear Ranger the other day and it sold quickly via BuyItNow.  So, for those keeping score, we've now had RPM toys found in Garland, Texas, Garden Grove, California, & now Dallas Texas.  

So is it finally time to start looking for RPM toys at retail stores?  I'd say we're getting pretty close to it.  I still would not recommend making special trips just to look for the toys, but if you going out shopping for other things, I won't hurt to check a few stores for RPM toys.

October 28, 2008 --- California eBay Listing

Well, we now have our first RPM eBay listing for somewhere outside of Garland, Texas.  The eBay seller known as shakivan1088 has posted this auction for the RPM Full Throttle Eagle Ranger, in Garden Grove, California.

While this is the first sighting outside of Garland, Texas, it's still just a bit to early to go out and hunt for RPM toys.  Once there are a few more eBay auctions for RPM toys, from other various states, then we'll know for sure the the RPM toys are being widely released.  

October 17, 2008 --- Pictures from Rangersims
Special thanks goes to rangersims at Rangerboard for allowing me to post the following pictures of the Yellow Bear Ranger figure.  Click on a picture to view the full size version.

So a few things that you'll notice about the RPM Yellow Ranger figure are as follows:

A.  She looks to be about 1/2 an inch shorter than the Jungle Fury Yellow Ranger

B.  Her boots actually have high heels

C.  She comes with the advertised launching attaché case

D.  Instead of a small foot soldier, she comes with a miniature main villain figure

Thanks again to rangersims for allowing me to post these pictures here.

October 5, 2008 --- More Pictures from JP & some from Josh

Special thanks again goes to JP at Rangerboard, for allowing me to post the following pictures of his.  Also, thanks to his scan of the back of the figure card, I was able to go in and do some photo editing and get the RPM Logo.  Click on a picture to view the full size version.

As you can see, JP bought the Wolf Ranger from the Garland, Texas seller as well.  JP has provided pictures of the three figures, and all their accessories.  Plus the miniature foot soldiers & a picture of the instructions that come with all the figures.

Josh purchased a Eagle Ranger from a separate seller in Garland, Texas and provided me with the following pictures.  Click on a picture to view the full size version.

Thanks again to both JP & Josh for allowing me to post these pictures here.

September 27, 2008 --- Even More Toys sold by anobato_studios

Well the "Preview" eBay Buy It Now Auctions have continued from anobato_studios.  Recently they have sold the following RPM Toys:

So, they've had multiples of Racing Performance Cycles, multiple Eagle & Lion Rangers, and one each of the Bear & Wolf Rangers.  A Shark Ranger hasn't been listed yet.  But keep checking back here, as I'll post as news continues to develop.

Also, I still discourage anyone from spending a great deal of time & gas looking for RPM toys.  What has been seen thus far, has mostly all come from one eBay seller in Garland, Texas.  So we still have probably another month & a half before RPM toys begin showing up.

September 23, 2008 --- Two eBay Sellers & a few more toys

Okay, so now there are two different eBay sellers, both from Garland, Texas, that have had Power Rangers RPM toys on eBay.  The first being anobato_studios, who was the first to have the Figures.  Then there's jmacougar, who had a Full Throttle Eagle Ranger figure for sale this past weekend.

So, with both these sellers being in the same Texas city, there's still the possibility that they found these toys at a store, thus keeping with the shipping mistake by the factory.  Or, they have connections to employees in the factory and are getting these gems from thier connections.

We'll have to wait and see if any more RPM toys show up on eBay from these members.

September 20, 2008 --- Full Throttle Pictures from JP

Very big thanks goes to JP at Rangerboard.  JP is the one that bought the RPM figures from the eBay seller in Garland, Texas.  He's given me permission to post his pictures here for you all to see.  So what do we learn from JP's pictures?  Let's go over everything.

1.  The each Ranger comes with his / her specific weapon, Morpher, basic weapon in sword mode, basic weapon in blaster mode, a small Zord cast, and a small statue of the RPM villain foot soldiers.

2.  The figures have the normal bodies, but Bandai went back to the old legs.  Notice the lack of the ball joints for the legs.  This may to be to correct the loose leg problem occurring with the Jungle Master figures.

3.  The Black Ranger's Zord has been changed to a Wolf.

4.  The Yellow Ranger will come with a case that can fire the small Zord casts out of it.

5.  The main weapons from the five Rangers will be able to combine together, just like in the show.

6.  The packaging of the figures come with "Ranger Points".  When you get a total of 20 Ranger Points, you can mail them to Bandai to get a Ranger Sticker Book.

7.  The figures are missing the white stripes, that they'll have on their arms in the show.

Again, thanks to JP for allowing me to post the pictures here.  Now the wait continues to about mid November before we see wide release of the RPM toys.

September 16, 2008 --- Another RPM Toy on eBay?!!!

Hmm, now things are starting to get interesting.  The same eBay seller from Garland, Texas, has posted a Buy It Now Auction for the Racing Performance Shark Cycle (the Green Ranger's Cycle).  Here we get a better view of the logo, as well as a chance to see that the four male Rangers will get toy cycles.  

Now I'm beginning to wonder exactly how the figures & this cycle made it out this early.  I still can't rule out packing error from the factory, but it is still a bit odd.  Either way, until we start seeing more RPM Toy listings from other various states, I think it's still too early to be on the hunt for RPM toys.

September 14, 2008 --- First Toy Sighting:

Well this was certainly surprising.  An eBay seller in Garland, Texas posted a Buy It Now auction for the Red & Blue RPM Power Rangers.  They exact toy names are "Full Throttle Eagle Ranger" & "Full Throttle Lion Ranger".  They appear to come with their side weapons (those based off of a gas pump design), their main weapons, and small miniature Zords.

Now before anyone runs out and begins hurting for these, let me explain what likely happened.  Odds are that this was a simple packing mistake.  Employees in China probably were in a rush to stuff a Jungle Fury Toy Box full of Jungle Master Figures, when by mistake, they grabbed these two RPM figures and placed them in the box instead.  I doubt we'll be seeing any RPM toys in mass release until about early November.

Until then, it is nice to know what the packaging will look like, as well as our first small glance at the RPM logo.

As more RPM Toys news continues to develop, I will post it here.

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