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2009 Season Information Up To Now

Okay, many of you have probably been wondering why I had not launched my new site for the 2009 Power Rangers Season.  Well, the main reasoning is the severe lack of information.  Usually the new season's title, logo & brief description are given out in June at the Licensing Show.  However, this was not the case.  All that was shown at the show this year was THIS PICTURE  taken by Ray of Rangerboard.  As you can see, all it is, is a drawing of the Red Ranger, though missing some details.

Rumors flew around for a time that the 2009 Season of Power Rangers would be animated, but it now appears that Power Rangers for 2009 will remain Live Action.  The New Zealand Film & Video Technician's Guild Site lists Power Rangers Productions to begin filming in September 2008, thus indicating the filming of the 2009 season starting in September.  Of course we know it will be taken from the 2009 Sentai Series Go-Onger.

While no official word has come out from Disney, in July Buena Vista Entertainment (owned by Disney) did file the copyright for the title of "Power Rangers RPM".  So this will more than likely be the title for the 2009 season.  Now as for what RPM stands for, that has yet to be officially announced, but it is rumored to stand for Racing Performance Machines. 

So that is all we really know of Power Rangers RPM thus far.  No logo, no official information, not much of anything.  But as news develops on the new season, I'll be sure and post it on the site.

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