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Power Rangers Collectible Card Game Released

Bandai America has recently released brand new Power Rangers Collectible Cards.  These cards feature outstanding Japanese artwork, and the usual "card game" idea.  Most Power Rangers fans thus far have found the cards at the retail store Meijer, for about $2.99.  However, when Phantom6 of Rangerboard, contacted Bandai about the release of the cards, they replied with this e-mail:

"It should just be a few more days until they show up everywhere.
Thank you for supporting Bandai."

Thanks to Rangerboard member Mighty Pink, we have some pictures of the Card Packaging, as well as some of the cards.

From fans who have managed to find and purchase some of these cards, it appears that this first wave of cards features the following Power Rangers Seasons:


As more news develops on the release of these Power Rangers Collectible Cards, I'll be sure and post it here.  Thanks again to Mighty Pink for allowing me to post her pictures.

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