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RPM Gets a New Stunt Crew

Well, it appears after many many years, Koichi Sakamoto's Stunt Team is no longer in charge of the stunts on Power Rangers.  We now have B.O.S. Stunts.

Thanks to their online blog, we have a few behind the scenes pictures of RPM.

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Okay, first with this picture, before anyone jumps in and says those are the Rangers for this year, no.  These are the STUNT CREW RANGERS.  Meaning they're in place for some of the dangerous stunts that the actual Ranger Actors can't be involved in.  Though it does give us a look at the jackets the RPM Rangers will be wearing while in civilian form.  It also appears that our Rangers will be driving a beat up car for transportation.

Next we get to see our villain's foot soldiers for the year.  They're the same as in Go-Onger in Japan, so no big surprises here.


These pictures feature various scenes.  From a car scene with a flame thrower, a stunt crew member on a crane wire, a crew member in crew suit in front of a green screen for CGI editing, and the last two are setting up the quarry scene.

Finally, B.O.S. Stunts has posted a quick video on their Youtube page of a car chase scene from RPM, click here to watch.

If anything more is posted by the Stunt Team, I'll be sure and post it here.

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