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January 21, 2009:

Okay, you know how earlier today, when I first posted this news story, I said there was nothing to panic or worry about.  I said that I was calm and was certain that Power Rangers RPM would air on Disney XD, well ladies and gentlemen, I WAS W-R-O-N-G.

Poweranimals, a reliable Power Rangers Fan,  sent an e-mail to one of the Disney Executives.  The e-mail he sent and her response went as follows:



I was wondering if Disney XD will be airing the new season of Power
Rangers. I noticed that it is absent from February's schedule.




The 17th season of Power Rangers entitled "Power Rangers: RPM" is
currently in production in New Zealand. The series will premiere in
the U.S. on Saturday, March 7 (12:00 noon, ET/11:00 a.m. PT) during
ABC Kids on ABC-TV.



Thank you kindly, mam. So it won't be on XD then? ABC Kids has a habit
of pre-empting the show for local sports games in the past.

Anyway, thanks again.




It will not air on Disney XD, just ABC Kids. Let me know if you need
anything else.


So yes, this means that Power Rangers RPM will only air on ABC Kids.  This means you need to find out what local station airs ABC Network Programming in your area, and then find out IF they show Power Rangers, and if so when.  I know there are many ABC stations across the country that do not air Power Rangers, or air it at difficult time for children to see.

If more information develops on RPM & its premiere, I'll post it here.

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