Power Rangers RPM News Story

Behind the Scenes of RPM from Japanese Magazine

June 6, 2009:

Thanks to Gold Samurai on Rangerboard for posting these scans, and modxtoy for scanning & providing them.  As has become normal since 2003 with Ninja Storm, each year a magazine in Japan goes to Auckland, New Zealand to take pictures and report on Power Rangers.  So they've now released their issue covering Power Rangers RPM.  There's not much in this article that we didn't all ready know.  It shows Gem & Gemma holding their Morphers, Tenaya 7 getting a new Headband, and has a section showing the Ranger's Civilian Vehicles.  

So where we usually see something completely new from these scans, we now know that RPM will not have the Red Ranger getting a Battlizer, and will the Dino Themed Rangers will not be appearing in the show.  

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