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Power Rangers Super Legends Figures for 2009

June 6, 2009:

First thanks goes to Dino Ranger White on Rangerboard for getting the information and providing it to everyone.  We now know that in 2009, there will be THREE 5 Inch Super Legends Power Rangers Figures released.  

First we have the Power Rangers Ninja Storm Super Samurai Green Ranger.  This is the Samurai Ranger in Super Samurai Mode, and he will come with a miniature Sensei.  This figure should be released in June or July.

Second we will have the Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger, and Power Rangers Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger.  Now allow me to explain.  Both these figures will be available in the Fall of 2009.  The Fall Green Samurai Ranger is the Ranger in his normal Ranger Mode, whereas the first version is Super Samurai Mode.  Also, the Fall Green Samurai Ranger will NOT come with a miniature Sensei.

Finally, the voters choice of Mighty Mophin Pink Ranger will be the FALL 2010 Super Legends Figure.  A Spring 2010 Super Legends Figure is scheduled to be released, but has not yet been announced.

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