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July 11, 2009:

So if you're a Power Rangers fan, toy buyer or collector, you've probably had this question run through your mind a time or two over the past couple of months, "Where are the New RPM Toys?"  Trust me, I've received this question numerous times in e-mails.  So the answer for most of the toys is that they are coming, we just have to continue to wait.  I know, it's not what you want to hear, or in this case read, but it's likely true.  Let's break it down into the main three groups I get asked most frequently.


     These Megazords, with any luck, should start hitting retailers within the month.  The Disney Store (the physical stores not online yet) does now have their own version of the ValveMax Megazord, however, it cost $40 instead of the typical $20 to $25 of normal retail stores.  


     Again, these too should begin showing up, with any luck, in the coming month at retail stores.  They should be in cases also including the Rapid Pursuit Rangers (Red, Black & Blue Rangers with skateboards), as well as the Power Rangers Super Legends Ninja Storm Super Samurai Green Ranger.  Toys R Us stores do have a set that includes the 3 Rapid Pursuit Rangers & the Gold Ranger figure, but I do not believe the Gold Ranger comes with all his accessories in this pack.


     These are the three figures which may not end up being released.  For now, the assortment they were scheduled to be shipped in has been scrapped and does not show to be scheduled to ship out.  There's still a chance these Dino Themed Rangers could be released for the Fall Line, but we do not yet know.

So what has been the cause in the delay?  I think it comes down to three factors:

#1 - Bandai America did change around the assortments for the Full Throttle Figures, thus this likely caused the delay with them.

#2 - I've read and seen where many Wal-Mart stores, who had sold out of figures & Megazords, were not receiving any new shipments to restock with.  Even when speaking with the Toy Department Managers, I was informed that something had to be wrong in distribution, since they had been on order for months, but just never shipped.  So for many fans & collectors who buy from Wal-Mart, it is possible that the store had a error in their distribution of Power Rangers toys.  Though I have now seen some stores start to receive shipments of Power Rangers toys once more.

#3 - Finally the airing of Power Rangers itself holds some blame.  Since Power Rangers is only seen on ABC Kids, that greatly limits the number of households across the country that actually have ABC Stations that air the show.  So, if Power Rangers is not seen in one major city, then the toys are not as likely to sell as well in that city.

Again, I know it gets aggravating waiting around for new toys to arrive in your store.  Heck, I haven't bought a Power Rangers RPM toy since February, so yes, it is frustrating for me as well.  But we have to realize that these things do happen sometimes.  The best thing to do is continue to check your local retailers and wait.  When these new toys do start to show up in retail stores, I will be posting this news in the normal Developing News Toys Story.

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