Full Throttle Power Rangers
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Full Throttle Eagle Ranger Package

Full Throttle Eagle Ranger


Eagle Ranger's Mini Villain

Eagle Ranger's Mini Zord

Full Throttle Lion Ranger Package

Full Throttle Lion Ranger


Lion Ranger's Mini Villain

Lion Ranger's Mini Zord

Full Throttle Bear Ranger Pacakge

Full Throttle Bear Ranger


Bear Ranger's Mini Villain

Bear Ranger's Mini Zord

Bear Ranger's Attaché Case

Full Throttle Shark Ranger Package

Full Throttle Shark Ranger


Shark Ranger's Mini Villain

Shark Ranger's Mini Zord

Full Throttle Wolf Ranger Package

Full Throttle Wolf Ranger


Wolf Ranger's Mini Villain

Wolf Ranger's Mini Zord

Cell Shift Morphers
(included with Eagle, Lion & Bear Rangers)

Rev Morphers
(Molded onto the Shark & Wolf Rangers)

Eagle, Lion & Bear Ranger's Weapons Combined

Shark & Wolf Ranger's Weapons Combined

All Five Ranger's Weapons Combined

The RPM Rangers

Linear Review
One of the main highlights of each year, the basic figures.  These Full Throttle Rangers prove to be some of the most detailed and most accessorized.

Okay, where to begin.  Let's start with talking about the figures themselves.  Each Ranger measures in just under 5 1/2 inches in height.  The body designs are like those of the Jungle Fury Rangers, in that they aren't over muscular.  The leg joints are not like the Jungle Fury figures, and are now more stable.  There are the usual number of moveable joints.

Now onto the details.  The figures are beautifully detailed, but most us in the helmets.  All the way around the helmets look just perfect.  The Rangers have the correct cuffs and belts.  With Red, Blue & Yellow having tire cuffs, and Green & Black having gear cuffs.  The number emblems on each chest are well done.  The figures are missing the white racing stripes on their arms, and the usual back paint detailing.  

Now to the accessories.  Each Ranger figure comes with the following accessories:

All these accessories are really nice.  It's great to have the Rangers be able to hold any of their weapons.  Though the Bear Ranger has a harder time holding her weapons, due to her thin design.  Each Ranger can have the Nitro Blaster in Blaster Mode attached to their belt, via a small peg.  The Eagle, Lion & Bear Ranger's also have small black Cell Shift Morpher pouches that attach to their belts.  The Mini Zords that come with the Rangers can be fired with the Bear Ranger's Attaché Case, to blast the Mini Villain Figures.  Plus, all five of the Ranger's weapons can combine, just like the show.

For all the greatness of these figures, there are some minor flaws.  The Yellow Ranger is difficult to pose at times, due to her design.  Plus, her left boot heel is long than the right heel.  The helmets for the Rangers are tight and hard to move from left to right.  That is except for the Yellow Ranger, whose helmet can even move up and town a bit.  Also, these figures suffer from helmet positioning that makes it look like they're looking down to a certain degree.

But, none the less, these are still very good figures.

The ratings are based on the following scale:
1 Emblem is Bad
2 Emblems is Poor
3 Emblems is Okay
4 Emblems is Good
5 Emblems is Great


Kids will get a real kick out of these action figures.  While not having any real action feature to them, the accessories make up for it.  Though caution to parents, all the accessories are very small.  So please do keep them out of the hands of small children.


These are really good figures for collectors.  With some quick white paint, you can touch up the arms, and paint the back later if you want.  The helmets looking down is something that should be addressed and fixed, as it does hurt the appearance of the figures.  But all the accessories is a great plus for these, since we didn't get any with the Jungle Master Figures.  So the Full Throttle Figures are worth adding to your collection.

Linear Ranger

I'm very pleased with these figures.  The poseability can be a bit hard at time with these, almost like the balance is off.  But they still look great and I'm not that bothered with the Yellow Ranger's heels.  Though I do hope the helmet issue is fixed by the time the fall line of figures is released.