ValveMax, Thundersaurus, & Titan Megazords
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Retrofire High ValveMax Megazord Package

Retrofire ValveMax Megazord


Retrofire Thundersaurus Megazord Package

Retrofire Thundersaurus Megazord


Retrofire Titan Megazord Package

Retrofire Titan Megazord


Megazord Display Stand

Linear Review
Well, again it's been quite a while since we got the first three Retrofires, but it's good to finally get some more.  

The packaging is a return to the 15th Anniversary Red Ranger package.  But the front flap opens up to reveal the storyline of each season's Megazord.  

These Megazords, as with all Retrofires, are stylized.  As we saw with the first three, they have more of an anime look to them.  With the ValveMax, the actual Zord Eyes are gone and just colored in normally.  Each figure measures about 5 1/2 inches tall.

Each Megazord figure comes with their signature weapons, as well as a display stand.  You can pose the figures in some positions, but here is where some flaws come into play.  Each figure has different articulation.  ValveMax can only spin the Tail Spinner arm at the elbow, it can't move the elbow up and down.  The Wolf Cruiser has no elbow articulation besides being able to spin around at the shoulder.  The Thundersaurus has the Tail Arm that can spun around and posed normally.  The Tricera Arm has limited poses, as it can only be moved in & out from the shoulder & the normal 360 degree arm rotation.  For the Titan Megazord, it's a bit more awkward.  The only real moveable pieces in the arms, beside the shoulders, is the wrists.  The elbows are fixed in place, leaving you with only so many poses.

The stands for these Retrofires has been changed.  This time around they have two pegs.  The back one is meant to hold the figure, and the front peg keeps the Megazord from leaning forward and looking like they're falling over.  This is a good improvement over the stands from the first three.

 If you want to place the figures on their stands, you'll want to be sure and then display them on a shelf just above eye level.  If not, the Megazords look like they're about to attack the floor, or are about to fall.

The ratings are based on the following scale:
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2 Emblems is Poor
3 Emblems is Okay
4 Emblems is Good
5 Emblems is Great


I think the kids will enjoy these, but not nearly as much as collectors.  The kids will probably enjoy this line of Retrofires a bit more since they cover more recent Megazords.


Collectors should really enjoy these.  Granted the new stylized look may be a turn off to some, but for those that like the look, you'll love these even more in person.  The limited poseability seems to be increased with these new ones, but they're still really good display pieces.

Linear Ranger

I love these things and am very pleased with buying them.  I really love the stylized look to them.  It really is like Bandai wanted to try and modernize the Megazords in what they would look like today.