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Pre-Order Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy Set

July 8, 2012:

Power Rangers fans, the first MASSIVE Power Rangers DVD Boxset is now available for order thanks to TimeLife & Shout! Factory. This Mighty Morphin to Lost Galaxy set is set to begin shipping out on August 6, 2012, and will include the following.

-37 Season DVDs containing 338 Episodes

-3 Special Features DVDs

-An Exclusive Mighty Morphin Red Ranger figure with Sword & Blaster

The Bonus Features are as follows:

1. Morphin Time! A Look Back At Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
2. A Morphenomenal Cast: A Look At Becoming A Power Ranger
3. Tales of the Giant Banana: A Look Back at Bulk & Skull
4. Behind the Mask: Celebrating the Stunt Team
5. The Fans Power Up
6. A Convention With Attitude: Power Morphicon
7. Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads
8. Alpha’s Magical Christmas
9. The Good, The Bad and the Stupid: The Misadventures of Bulk & Skull
10. The MMPR Fan Club Video
11. MMPR Karate Club: The White Ranger Kata
12. Power Rangers Live: The World Tour
13. The Lost Episode
14. Power Playback: Power Rangers Funniest Moments
15. It’s Comin’ ZEO Serial
16. Gold Lining ZEO Promo
17. Tanya’s Stick Together Music Video

…and a little something special.

Here’s the full breakdown:

Season 1: Mighty Morphin, 60 episodes (6 DVDs)

"Teleport to us 5 overbearing and overemotional humans." "No! Not that! Not teenagers!" ""That's correct, Alpha." "I was afraid of that." To meet the threat of Rita Repulsa and her gang, Zordon & Alpha 5 recruit Jason, Kimberly, Zack, Trini & Billy.

Season 2: Mighty Morphin, 52 episodes (6 DVDs)

Rita's emperor, Lord Zedd, is displeased and comes to personally lead the attack on Earth, eliminating the Green Ranger in the process. But a Thunderzord upgrade, along with a new White Ranger helps turn the do new Rangers Adam, Aisha & Rocky!

Season 3: Mighty Morphin, 43 episodes (5 DVDs)

Now married to Lord Zedd, Rita returns and summons her brother Rito Revolto to fight the Ranger team, destroying their Zords in the process. But a Ninja Quest results in new hope, and new Ninjazords.

Season 4: Power Rangers Zeo, 50 episodes (5 DVDs)

The Command Center may be destroyed, but Zordon & Alpha 5 await Tommy, Rocky, Adam, Kat and Tanya in the Power Chamber below. With Billy on hand to help, the Zeozords are soon ready to fight the new threat of King Mondo and his Machine Empire.

Season 5: Power Rangers Turbo, 45 episodes (5 DVDs)

Tommy, Kat, Adam and Tanya "Shift Into Turbo!," and are joined by young Justin in the fast-driving team mentored by Dimitria and Alpha 6, after Zordon and Alpha 5 depart. The team fights Divatox, Dark Queen of Space. Soon the older Rangers must leave.

Season 6: Power Rangers in Space, 43 episodes (5 DVDs)

Let's Rocket! It's time to set controls for outer space, where Andros the Red Ranger and Zhane the Silver Ranger join T.J., Cassie, Carlos & Ashley in their quest to free Zordon from Dark Specter.

Season 7: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, 45 episodes (5 DVDs)

Go Galactic! Alpha 6 and D.E.C.A./the Astro Megaship are there to assist a new team of Rangers: Leo, Maya, Kai, Kendrix & Damon. As well as a new ally, the mysterious Magna Defender, who is a huge help against villains like Scorpius, Trakeena & Furio.

Bonus: Specials, interviews and more! (3 DVDs)

3 DVDs of Bonus Features that include: Rarely Seen Archival Material; Exclusive New Featurettes; and Interviews with the Cast, Creators and Fans of POWER RANGERS.

So hurry and order your set now:

Pre-order Now! Power Rangers Complete Seasons 1-7 on 40 DVD-Set for only 5 easy payments of $43.99 (Price: $219.95) + FREE Shipping at!