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Super Megaforce Toys Draw Near

September 11, 2013:

Fellow Power Rangers Toy Collector Raz has been busy the past few days, gather all the information he could find for the upcoming Power Rangers Super Megaforce toys. He has gathered information from Toys R Us, Target, K-Mart and Walmart, all to provide fans with a heads-up of what to expect when the Super Megaforce toys begin arriving later this year.

Some major points of interest are:

-The Ranger keys will be sold in mulit key packs

-Toys R Us is showing at least 14 different packs of Ranger Keys

-The Deluxe Battle Gear will continue for Super Megaforce

-Ranger Keys will come with some of the Super Megaforce Toys

-Toys R Us is scheduled to have another “Black Friday” Power Rangers Pallet this year, that will have certain Super Megaforce Toys.

Below is a listing of items Raz was able to find listed with Toys R Us. For more information, be sure and follow Raz on Twitter, and keep up with his posts on Rangerboard.

Bandai#:        Name:                                TRU #:        Price:

38000             Deluxe Morpher               043593        $29.99

38200             Basic Figure                    043598        $9.99

38155             Figure Megazord              043637        $12.99

38095             Deluxe Megazord             043658        $29.99

38035             Basic Battle Gear            043666        $14.99

38250             Ranger Key Multi Pack    043674        $7.99

38090             Dlx Zord Vehicle w/Key   043687        $24.99

38110             Mech Suits                       043695        $21.99

38140             6.5” Feature Figure          043700        $12.99

38080             Zord Vehicle w/Key          043739        $16.99

38190             10” Feature Figure           043747        $19.99

38045             Deluxe Battle Gear          043755        $24.99

38070             Cycle w/Figure                 043763        $12.99

38030             Deluxe Hand Gear           043768        $24.99

38015             Mask                                043784        $9.99

The Toys R Us Pallet Display has a TRU Item Number of 043789.

Again, HUGE thanks to Raz for gathering so much information for the fans & collectors.