"Nothing Is Impossible"

You want to know about Linear Ranger?  Why, you some sort of a stalker or something?  Okay all kidding aside.  My name is Ryan, and I am a 29 year old male living in Oklahoma.

I am a huge nerd, and dang proud of it.  I've been a Power Rangers fan since the first season.  But I am also fan of Doctor Who, The Real Ghostbusters, Kim Possible, Kamen Rider Decade, Digimon & Yu-Gi-Oh.  These shows I could watch non-stop all day.

When I am not working on my websites, I enjoy writing.  I have written fan fictions, poetry, and general opinion pieces (check Linear Ranger's Ledger in the Links Page).  You can also probably tell from this site that I am a BIG time toy collector.  I collect not only Power Rangers toys, but toys from my other favorite shows, as well as some DC Universe, Transformers & others.

Overall, I am just a nerd who likes to take life easy, and live life his own way by his own rules.   To close things out...

Words of MY Generation:

  1. "Digi Armor, Energize!"

  2. "It's Time To Duel!"

  3. "Just Passing Through"

  4. "What's The Sitch?"

  5. "Who Ya Gonna Call?"

  6. "Brilliant!"

  7. "Go Go Megaforce"

  8. "Nothing Is Impossible!"


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